For more than 25 years, Carolee Jaspan has taken every Bar & Bat Mitzvah student under her wing with knowledge, love, caring, and grace. At TBE, we do the bakery jingle a little differently: 
“ Nobody doesn’t like Ca-ro-lee ” 
Carolee comes to us from Ware, Massachusetts where she attended Brandeis University. Her curriculum included science and Jewish studies. She relocated to Riverside in 1965. In 1981, she was asked by the rabbi of Temple Beth El to volunteer as the M’lamedet and teach the B’Mitzvah students their Torah and Haftorah portions and prayers. Carolee is a pied piper with children. They are enthusiastic and drawn to her. She states that “ it is the most wonderful volunteer job I have ever had.” Our B’Mitzvah program is more than comprehensive than most as the children do the entire Friday and Saturday Shabbat Services in addition to their Torah and Haftorah portions. Temple Beth El is very lucky to have her.