Open Arms Committee Aug Sept 2014

As we hope you know, the Riverside Jewish Cultural Faire (Celebrate Jewish Riverside) is set for September 7, 2014, and we need help!  Please contact Sheri Cruz at (909) 855-9297 or if you can help with ANY or ALL of the following:
1.    EZ-Ups.  We need to provide EZ-Ups for each booth and rentals are expensive.  If you have an EZ-Up you can let us borrow for the faire, please let us know.  We’ll arrange for pick-up, safekeeping and return.  The more we can borrow, the less we have to rent!  We’d also like to know if anyone has misters we may use? We expect this will be the hottest day of the year!
2.    Volunteers.  We need lots and lots of volunteers for the event. We need to man various holiday and lifecycle booths, an information booth and we have booths that can be manned only part of the day.  We need volunteers for set up and clean up and assistance with security to make sure the event is safe for everyone.  Please let us know how you can help the day of the event!
3.    Advertising.  We will have posters and flyers available at the temple in the next couple of weeks. Please pick some up, post the posters in your favorite businesses throughout the city, and leave a stack of flyers wherever people may get their hands on them.  We need to advertise this event as widely as possible and need your help to make it successful!
4.    Business or Organizations.  If any temple member has a business or other organization that would like a booth at the faire, please let us know.  We are trying to not only spotlight Judaism and the renovation of our beautiful temple, but also show the valuable contribution the Jewish community makes to our city.  Please drop us an email or give us a call if you’re interested in spotlighting your business or organization.
5.     Sponsorship Opportunities.  We are going to start printing our ads in the next couple of weeks. There is still time for sponsorships to be advertised along with our promotional materials, as well as on the faire program.  Please contact us if you either know someone who would like to help sponsor the event, or would like to sponsor it yourself.
Without your help this event will not be successful and we look forward to hearing from every congregant as to how they can be a part of this wonderful day!
Diane Kwasman and Sheri Cruz