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“The core of our insight [as Reform Jews] is that serious Jewish study inevitably leads to the soup kitchen; that serious prayer, among other vital things, is a way of preparing to do battle with injustice, that social justice without being grounded in text, without a sense of God’s presence, is ephemeral and unsustainable. The heart of the argument is that there is no such thing as ‘Social Action Judaism,’ that the thread of social justice is so authentically and intricately woven into the many-colored fabric we call Judaism that if you seek to pull that thread out, the entire fabric unravels, that the Judaism that results is distorted, is neutered, is rendered aimless.” – Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Dan Straus is the Social Justice representitive on the TBE Board.
He urges anyone willing to work (in any way) for social justice to call or e-mail him.  


Religious Action Center RAC
Congregational tools for Social Action

American Jewish World Service AJWS online database of Jewish social justice texts

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